Bow repair

Headed by Robin Hamilton our dedicated team of on-site craftsmen provide the backbone to the business, from routine repairs to extensive restoration of instruments and bows. We are always happy to offer advice and quotations, and liaise closely with customers at all stages. Estimates for repair can be put in writing on request for the purposes of insurance claims.

Selection of charges for typical routine bow repairs

Service Violin/Viola (£)    Cello (£) Double Bass (£)
Thumbgrip 30.00 30.00 35.00
Brass Eye Only 30.00 30.00 38.00
Bow Rehair 65.00 65.00      75.00
Silver Lapping & Thumbgrip 105.00 105.00 125.00
Screw and Eye 135.00 135.00 150.00
Fine Mammoth face 205.00 205.00 (Bone Face)  270.00

Further details of our charges are available on request. Larger repairs and restoration quotes are assessed individually and can only be offered after examination of the instrument or bow.