Student hire

Our versatile Hire Scheme provides customers with the facility to rent, at competitive prices, all sizes of Chinese and Romanian-made student outfits for a minimum period of four months. This proves an ideal solution for children who are still growing, as instruments hired can be returned to us at any time and exchanged for a larger size.

The scheme also offers the possibility to ‘try before you buy’, and we will deduct up to two hire periods (ie eight months) from the purchase price if the player wishes to purchase it or another instrument.

All our instruments have been carefully ‘set up’ in our dedicated education workshop ensuring that even the simplest violin, viola or cello performs to its optimum potential. And there is always someone available to offer advice and guidance about size and suitability of all the instruments we offer.

Over the years we have provided instruments and expertise to a wide variety of schools, colleges and ensembles countrywide, and today we are particularly pleased to have close links with Gallions Primary School East London, the Centre for Young Musicians and the East London Late Starters Orchestra, all of whom are helping to encourage and nurture budding string players of all ages and abilities.

Violin Viola Cello
Chinese-made Stentor outfits
(all sizes; 1/16th-4/4)
£48.00 £54.00 £90.00
Refundable deposit £50.00 £60.00 £200.00
Romanian-made Zeller outfits
(all sizes; 1/8th-4/4)
£60.00 £66.00 £137.00
Refundable deposit £100.00 £150.00 £500.00